Sunday, February 24, 2008

2135 Earth Mouse Year Losar

Wish You all very Happy Losar 2135 Earth Mouse Year.

This new year bring peace, prosperity happiness and healthiness in your households. May Guru Rinpoche Bless you.

About Losar:

Generally losar falls in the month of february. This year the sherpa/tibetan new year falls on friday february 8. The word losar is a tibetan word for New year. Here Lo means "Year" and sar means "New". There is no exact no of days that losar is celebrated. However losar has important days on the frist three days.

Sherpa people follow the tibetan calender, which is made up of twelve lunar months and losar begins on the frist day of the frist month. The year 2008 is tibetan year 2134 Earth Rat Year. The day before losar eve, is celebrated in a different way.

Prepration begins well before the arrival of the new year. it's called "Ghutuk Day". That particular day sherpa's and tibetan prepare special meal called Ghutuk, which is a sherpa stew and consists nine different ingredients including barely and vegetables. People enjoy eating ghutuk. There is an old saying: "Ghutuk thu ni shina shi, Dhena dhe!" (we'll have gutuk at any cost). Another intresting thing is that they prepare special bread called Khapse (flour, ghee,sugar prepration) for losar.

"Ngishu gu ki lula jyo mein,

shya metu ghutuk thu ni chhyo mein!"

Happy Gutuk.

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