Tuesday, April 1, 2008


The Tibetan exile who have been protesting in the street of kathmandu since march 10 against the crackdown of Tibetans in the capital city of Tibet, lhasa continuously protesting in different places. Since then we have witnessed the inhumane and brutality action of Nepalese Police Personnel’s dealing with exile protestors. Everyday hundreds of Tibetan including nuns and monks are beaten up and detained them for unnecessary reasons. Now the situation is even more confused and critical. The police personnel so called loktantri prahari started torturing the people on the street, who resemble Tibetan and the victims are sherpas. Yesterday I was on the way to new road, I saw some polices and women were arguing and after sometimes the police asked them to return back to their home. Later I came to know that the police personnel mistook those sherpa women as Tibetans. This incident shows that, it’s not only the issue of Tibet’s freedom, human rights but also the issue of religion. After the Jana Andolan II, Nepal has been declared as Secular state. Does it make any sense that security forces still treat people as per their religion? We sherpas are Buddhist, we follow our tradition. We see Dalai Lama as Spiritual Guru, So what’s wrong with chanting OM MANE PAME HUH or Long Live Dalai Lama.??

Recently, I’ve heard the rumor that Nepal Government has given permit to the climbers of Mt Everest setting various condition like, the climbers are restricted to climb above south Cole from may 1st to 10th but why? Don’t you think the issue of human right is much more important than Olympic and it’s torch? Ok that’s fine, but I have heard that the climbers are not allowed to take any photographs (kupar) of Dalai Lama and other stuffs like sungdi, chhelap with them? Do you think it’s fair? If it’s true, I think the community should raise a voice against such discrimination. Nobody has right to discriminate our religion and guru. So, I’d like to request all community group of khumbu, especially Himalayan club (lukla), Namche youth group (namche) and khumjung youth club (khumjung) to raise a voice against such social, religious and political issues in khumbu!

We together can change the world, if not at least khumbu!

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