Monday, May 26, 2008

May -The month of Alpinist

The month May is celebrated as a labour day wordwide. In nepal, this month has other importance as well. It is celebreted in a special way. Infact it is a big month for the mountaineering sector. Sometimes it is called the month of Alpinist. Allmost all the front pages of daily newspapers are covered with the news of setting and breaking records on Everest.

Everest has been submitted more than 2 thousand and 3 hundred times within 5 decades (since 29 may, 1953) from nepal side alone. The number of summiters who made it on the top are more than one thousand and five hundreds. More than 40 expedition teams were headed to the Everest base camp, this year. However, Everest was closed temporarily as a pressure from chinese government to allow the olympic Flame be taken to the top with out any interuption from Nepal side. inspite of tibetan protest and olympic game, numbers of new records are set and break. Congratulation to all, who made it to the top!

Congratualtion Aau Appa for making it 18 th times, smashing his own record, Min Bahadur Serchan 77, being the oldest person, Puja Serchan, being the first female from brhamin community.

Highlights of Everest Expedition 2008,

May 08-2008 : Olympic Tourch on the summit

Sirdar, Namgya Sherpa :: First person to be on the summit this year.

Thursday, may 22, 2008 : Total 77 climbers made it on the top; setting record of highest numbers of climber in a single day.

Thursday, may 22, 2008 : Appa Sherpa, Smashing his own record of 17 th times: made it 18th

[Chhewang sherpa 47, who is following appa summited 15 th times]

May 22, 2008 : First Inclusive women Everest Expedition's five members on the top:

Pujan Acharya, Susmita maskey, Maya gurung, Nwang futi sherpa;

May 24, 2008: A mother and daughter team from sydney; Cheryl Bart and her daughter Nikki began, made it to the top

May 25, 2008 : 77 years old Min bahadur Serchan, who hailed from Bhurung tatopani, Myagdi, Summited at 8:40 am; setting the record of the oldest summiter.

May 25, 2008: Chunu Sherstha, final member of First inclusive everest expedition; on the top

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