Sunday, December 7, 2008

ASTREK Climbing Wall

Sherwi Lungba:

The ASTREK Climbing Wall Designed by French engineer and alpinist Henry Sigayret is built with the purpose to promote climbing as sport among the youth of kathmandu. Consisting of three surfaces, a beginner's wall and two climbing surface in n "L" shape, the wall is designed for all skill levels. It is built with the intention to host international climbing events in the near future. Located in Thamel, the wall is easily accessible to all.

As safty is a priority the astrek climbing wall provides branded ropes, harness, karbiners, and belay devices. Each route is anchored directly on to the frame and ropes are provided by the facility to ensure your safety. Each Climb is under the supervision of a qualified climbing instructor trained under the Nepal Mountaineering Association.

Climbing is available on daily, weekly, monthly and annual memberships. Specialized courses are availabe on request. The wall can also be booked for private and corporate events.

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