Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Khumbu Event 2009

Imja Tsho is the fastest growing glacial lake in the entire Himalaya with average rate of growth of 74 m a year in length. They can see and read the signs that GLOFs will only get more frequent. The mountain community in the Everest region now wants to tell the world community that they are aware and are now ready to act. They want scientists, engineers, environmentalists, mountaineers, well-wishers, and all mountain-lovers to support and guide their initiatives to tackle the problem. The iDEAS Team has responded to this call and has taken on the responsibility to help the Sherwi Yondhen Tshokpa to organise the Imja Tsho Action Event 2009 - Beat the GLOF Action Run. This event will be the tipping point from awareness and education into Action. The Sherwi Yondhen Tshokpa (Sherpa Students Group) is a group formed to create a network between all the Sherpa students. They are a non-profit and non-political organization, registered in 2007 in Kathmandu District Office and affiliated to the Social Welfare Council (SWC). One of their main aims is to encourage the participation of youth in promotion and preservation of Sherpa Culture, language and Environment.

The Beat the GLOF Action Run is organised to show the world what lies in the path of destruction. The Action Run will demonstrate that even the fastest runner will not be able to outrun the fury of the Glacial Lake Outburst. The run starts at IMJA Lake, at the source of the biggest threat to the people of the Khumbu. The route will takes us down the path of the Outburst Flood. The runners will run on the paths and bridges that will one day be washed away. They will see the forest and the farmland that will become desolate landscapes. They will cross bridges that will cease to exist. Villages and villagers that will all be gone in a flash.

This devastation will not only cause loss of life and property but could also cause cultural and traditional values to fade and become extinct. It has been said: “Memory lasts only as long as the last person who remembers.” The Action Run will be followed by the Imja Tsho Action Event 2009 – a Festival to take place in Khumjung village on the day following the Imja Tsho Action Run.

The Sherwi Yondhen Tshokpa will be coordinating with youth clubs, social service units, and the local residents to hold a Festival. The theme of this Festival is to focus on the Mountain Communities Culture, heritage, and their crucial role in maintaining and protecting their mountain environment. This will be an occasion for the communities to show their solidarity in taking action to tackle the impacts of Climate Change. National and International experts will be invited to share their studies with the communities, and together to formulate plans of action that are realistic


Tashi said...

climate change has became most dangerious and problem in all over the world.Our Khumbu area is also one of the danger area.I hope government must do something to protect that beautiful area from now.Otherwise we may loss many things.