Wednesday, August 13, 2008

"Youth and Climate Change: Time for Action" Int'l YOUTH DAY

Sherwi lungba
Aug 12,2008
August 12 is marked as the international youth day. Various youth groups, organizations and others celebrate this day by organizing different programs. This year international youth day is marked with the slogan "YOUTH AND CLIMATE CHANGE: TIME FOR ACTION". Nepal Manabiki Campus, Neiipal band in association with Sherwi yondhen Tshokpa and Nodan Club and Youth campign for program (YOCAP) on tuesday organized a talk program with speakers from different backgrounds, Dr. Minendra Rijal(NC), Pradeep Gyawali(CPN), Sagar (CPN-M), Neiipal Live in concert and cycle rally respectively. The band Neiipal performed their hit numbers like Maile Bolne, Saima daima lai, Exodus along with Tashi Deley, Sadak Baalbalika (dedicated to Street Childers). In a similar way cycle rally organized by YOCAP comprises more than two dozens of people representing political leaders, youth activists, actors, human right activists and journalists along with general public.

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frenzsagar said...

Thank you Sherwi I went thorough your blog but the organization you mentioned on this topic is Youth Campaign for Progress (YOCAP-Nepal).
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