Thursday, November 4, 2010

9-yr-old summits Mt Ramdung

Subas Yonjan

Tsheten Sherpa with his father.

 Nine and half year old Tseten Sherpa has become the youngest person to scale a mountain exceeding 5,000 metres, his family says. Tseten Sherpa, a three-grader at Eren Public School, Chabahil, Kathmandu, conquered Mt Ramdung (5,925 metres) on Wednesday, his father Pemba Dorjee Sherpa claimed. 

Pemba Dorjee, himself, is a prominent mountaineer of the country. Tseten, a permanent resident of Gauri Shanker-1, Dolakha, along with his seven-member mountaineering team ascended the peak of Ramdung lying along the Rolwaling Himalaya Range on Wednesday at 7.30 am. 

After this success, Tseten has become the youngest ever person to climb a mountain above the height of 5,000 metres. Pemba Dorjee said that Tseten, who has been undergoing preparations to scale Mt Everest in April, 2011, is greatly encouraged by the success. 

While climbing Ramdung, Tseten was accompanied by his father, his 17-year old uncle Phurwa Thile Sherpa, Dawa Yangju Sherpa, Mingma Dorje Tamang, Sonam Sherpa, and Dawa Kipa Sherpa. 

Although Pemba had stated in a press conference earlier that his 11-year old daughter Tashi Doma would also be included in the team, Tashi was finally excluded owing to a health disorder. 

The team has returned to the base camp and is staying at Beding. Before setting out for Mt Ramdung, Pemba said that the ascent was a part of rehearsals to secure the title of “The Youngest Mount Everest Climber” in the world for his son.

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