Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Band "Neiipal"

About Neiipal Band

(From left: Manjil, Nuru, Lakpa, Mingma and Udip)

Neiipal Band a nepali folk rock band formation started some times 2000 ere. It was a Mongolian group at first with no permanent members, except Lakpa T. Sherpa. The Band has been performing hither and thither in different places of the country with some temporary members since 2000. But the work and revenue generated had always been used for the social cause. Soon, the fame of band flourishes in the countryside where the band performs now and then. Their dedication made them to have permanent members. It was by 2006 that the band made them all attached and stucked and name their band as "Neiipal Band". It was Lakpa T. Sherpa leading the band and who still leads on as the main vocalist. The other members are Pemba Nuru Sherpa (Drums, Vocal), Manjil Mukarung (Lead Guitar), Udip Shrestha (Bass Guitar), and Mingma Sherpa (Madal, Percussion). The band had all professionals by then who had been performing under different banners.

Neiipal – Vol 1 has 8 songs which are collected from various parts of the country. Each and every songs in the album holds its own story, say it be the story of a 65 years old man from the Annapurna region or the songs of street children in Nepal. The songs sing stories and melodies of different places of Nepal.

The band has been performing at various places especially in the countryside and collecting funds for the social cause. Neiipal is also attached to a non-government organization named “Aashraya Foundation Nepal”. Since they have been serving the society through music and producing songs that depict the Nepali flavor, their music has its own meaning and message to convey. All the best Neiipal!

A Nepali Folk Rock Band "NEIIPAL"
Album Release - Neiipal vol- 1
Gurukul, Kathmandu

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