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Sherpa Clan [ sherwi ru]


Ru is a Sherpa word meaning bones. The male line tramsmits the ru (bones) and so the father’s lineage determines one’s clan membership. Four main clans originally came from Kham, in eastern Tibet, to Solu-Khumbu:the Thimi, Thakthowa, Chawa, and Lama. Each clan gave rise to several brother-clans and comtinuous migration has brought many new clans in to the area.
Most of the Sherpa clans came to Khumbu over the Nangpa La (pass). in to the area.

Most of the Sherpa clans came to Khumbu over the Nangpa La (pass).
Only the first arrivals, the Thimi, came via Rongshar and Rolwaling.
The Paldorjie clan gave rise to the Salakha, Dhag Shingto, Kambache and Goparma. A clan called Michen-topa in Kham, but Thakthowa here gave rise to the Gole, GArtsa, Pinasa, Pankarma, Sharpa penagpa and Shari-topa brother clans. From the Lama clan came the Serwa and Gombawa brother clans. The chawa remained a single clan that originated from a lama and his family that came from Tibet about 360 years ago.
Other clans that came to Khumbu more recently are Chu-sharwa, Murmin, Lhukpa, Nawa, Shangku, Zongnagpa, and Mendawa.Since then, many people have continued coming from Tibet and other parts of Nepal. Newarts, Chetris, Tamangs, and blackmiths (Kamis) have moved up from the lower valleys of Nepal. Though these people are from different areas and religions, they often pray to the Buddha while here in Khumbu.

Each clan gases its own deity and ways of doing pujahs. Sherpa custom does not allow marriage between members of the same clan or brother clans.Upper Khumbu People usually pray to gonpo Maning, a deity who is sometimes male at other times female. Solu people worship Gonpo chagshipa, who has four arms. Different clans pray to other deities. paldorjie prays to Bhari Lhatsen Newa to Tawache, chu sharwa to Lobuche, Sherwa to Arkamche, Thakthowa to Lung kyung Bhari, Mendawa to Zhamte Chen. There are also special deities worshipped by the clans do pujabs.
Source: Sherpa Culture and Tourism in Khumbu Valley
Thesis by Ang Tshering Sherpa "Namche"

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