Thursday, July 24, 2008

Social Entertaining Festival-"PHAN-NGI"

July 25,2008

Phang-ngi is a social festival celebrated during the month of july. Although the origin of this festival is not definite. It is persumed that it was feted since the 3rd century. Besides tending the livestock, the month of july is pretty free of chores and a leisure time for the fun loving and high spirited Sherpa, who then engage in a communal entertainment and musement which is known as Phang-Ngi. Different age group organize phang-ngi that last up to 4 days. During these days, all the necessary items required for the festival is collected communally. People eat, drink, dance and jest around in merry the entire days. At the end of the festival, responsibility is specified on a rotationl basis for the celebration of phang-ngi for the subsequent year. This process is known as "Lawa Samba Gelu"[Choosing New orgnizer].

This years Events:
  • Sherpa Phang-ngi Celebration: Venue SR Catering and Party Palace; Dumbarahi Swimming Pool, Date: August 1st Friday 2008. Organiser: Phang-ngi Lawa 2008 & Sherwi Yondhen Tshokpa. Contact: Pema 9841315792, Chimi 9803856244.
  • Phang-ngi Celebration: Namche Group: Venue: Sherpa Sewa Kendra, Boudha Tusal, Date: August 1st -August 3rd.
  • Phang-ngi Celebration: Thame Group: Venue: Sherpa Sewa Kendra, Boudha Tusal. Date: August 8th and 9th
  • Phang-ngi Celebration: USA:Venue: Yeti of Heizen ( Nepalese and Japanese cousine ) restaurant at Queens Boulevard, Date: August 2nd 2008, Time: 11 am onwards; Contact: Ang Ngawang Sherpa 646-407-5153 / Ang Phurba Sherpa 646-401-3172

Shyapthuk Jisa Hai!

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