Friday, July 18, 2008

You Know You are From Nepal When:

  1. You're born in Nepal! You're in our KTM! You are Nepali! You can sing this song... " super top, ma hun super top... ma luga lai seto paarchu..... aa kasto fij ra chamkilo.........."
  2. If somebody touches your neck, u need to blow air in their hand (fuu fuu)... ..You shake your head to say yes or ok.
  3. Your are asked, "hatti baliyo ki hatti chap chapal", you reply, "ustai ustai ho Nanu".
  4. You watch english and hindi movies more than nepali movies. Boys court girls from the street.Todays rice is tomorrows fried rice.You have time to speak,but you dont have time to listen.You're at least a lil anti indian from your heart.
  5. You chichyai chichyai boling on the phone. You pronounce 'YUM' for 'M'.You point with your lips.You get annoyed when people think you are from Naples.Whenever you meet someone you ask, " Have you had your food?" ( bhat khayao?) You meet someone in a movie hall and ask, " Have you come to watch a movie?" ( cinema herna ayeko?)
  6. You laugh at everything on Nepali TV but you still watch it.Covering your nose everytime you pass through the bridge becomes a reflex.
  7. Your conversation with any Nepali you just met always ends up being an interview to unearth the degree of association with this person. (eh...Ghar ka?? Lazimpat? Tyeso bhaye timile xyz lai chinchhau??)
  8. You are crossing a one way street and you have to check both sides.Your relatives give you money whenever you visit them.You call anyone rajesh hamal if he has a long back-hair.
  9. You go out for lunch/ dinner/ whatever in a group and look at the menu for half an hour and order the following: 1. momo2. chilli chips3. fried rice4. chicken chilliYou think of titaura and your saliva glands go wild !! You miss wai wai, rara and titaura and churpi...You are good at drunk driving, especially on motorcycles... Using a spoon becomes awkward!
  10. You are afraid to step on any paper, or pen (You don't want to piss off Saraswati and flunk an exam).
  11. Your White Friends Ask If you've Climbed Mount Everest!You can bribe anyone even the Cops. You know ganja is REALLY cheap!
  12. You translate rap songs into nepali as a pass time hobby. example "mero hapsis nachdain, khali pant mathi sarchan. ani dhunga tadha, dhunga tadha.
  13. you accidently ask for an e-sprite and an e-snickers baryou're in Kathmandu, you find Mo:mo shops every other block... yumm..u finally think uve perfected yor bargaining skills, but come bak ripped off... You are used to cows sitting down in the middle of the road during a traffic jam.
  14. You know that mango fruity is FRESH AND JUICY!! Chiya is even better if you put cheura in it
  15. Dogs barking don't stop you sleeping... Boiling and filtering and boiling water again is part of everyday life...
    Your initial instinct on a sunny day is to stay in the shade... Winter only lasts three months... Most if not all houses have balconies...
  16. You know that fire and ice is the best pizza place ever
  17. Sitting on the front seat of a taxi feels like you're in a video game

Congratulations!!! You are 100% Pure Nepali


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Sumit's World said...

Now, i m sure that i m from Nepal and i m a nepali cheers bro...