Sunday, October 17, 2010

Khumjung School Golden Jublee Celebration

Shree Khumjung Secondary School, Khumjung
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 Message from Publication and Publicity Committee:
Dear former students, teachers and friends of Khumjung School,

On the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of Khumjung School, the Golden Jubilee Celebration Committee is planning to bring out an anniversary book that will serve as a Golden Jubilee Souvenir.

The first chapter will contain the historical background of the school. The last will include future directions and plans of the school which will be compiled by interviewing and consulting key people. These two chapters will be compiled by a professional writer.

The most interesting and exciting will be the middle chapters. These chapters will carry short articles contributed by current and past students, teachers, donors and partners. These will be organized in 10 years blocks as follows:

Chapter 2: 1960-1970, Chapter 3: 1971-1980, Chapter 4: 1981-1990, Chapter 5: 1991-2000, Chapter 6: 2001-2010

The stories in these chapters will be supplemented by interesting photographs contributed by different people. We are locating and contacting sources for old photographs from doctors, researchers and tourists for pictures of the early years of the school.

The final pages of the publication will contain annexes of facts and figures on students, teachers, school committees, donors and others.

Please send your articles and photographs now !

We have very limited time left to put together the publication and it takes long time in Nepal to print publications because of the shortage of electricity. Students, teachers and affiliates of Khumjung School who are interested in contributing short articles are requested submit your articles as soon as possible. This will be a great way to contribute to the success of the Golden Jubilee Celebration.

We are looking for short write ups on memorable events, stories, and observations that reflect the situation of your experiences at the school. Articles can be serious, light, educational or simply humorous, but they must relate to the school and schooling. Articles must be typed in Microsoft Word and must not exceed 200 words. English will be the main language of the publication but a limited number of articles will also be accepted in Nepali and Sherpa languages.

Please mail your articles or photos to . The Publication Committee will try to include all articles but may not be able to do so if there are many duplications and overlaps.

Please get involved and contact me if you would like to discuss your article

Tashi delek

Dr. Lhakpa Norbu Sherpa (PhD)


Publication and Publicity Committee

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